nedelja, maj 10

dead inside

I would have let you take my hand if I could. I would have let you take me far away, I would have let you hide me, have me, love me ...

I could have let you look me in the eyes, I could see you get lost in them. I could have let you fall in love with the idea of making me laugh, I could let you hug me and I could feel you melt on me. 

I could have done all of that. For you. With you. I could have if I still had something to offer. If there was still something left to give. 

torek, oktober 21

bad dreams

Sometimes I have my mind so full of worries I find it difficult to breath. My heart is pounding so loud I can't hear the sound of my own thoughts. I can't move and the world is spinning around me so fast, I can feel the pressure building up and I am getting smaller and smaller until I get swallowed by daemons I have created.  I wait in the darkness for someone to rescue me, I wait and hope for a hand to pull me out of my own nightmares. I hope to wake up. But I am so afraid of opening my eyes. I am afraid to see what is out there. 

sobota, september 13

cheap (not really) poetry

I would give up the world to come back to you
To never leave and to love forever
For you and me, for us, forever

I cannot dare to dream for you to find me
But I still wish to find my way back to you
For you and me, for us, forever

sobota, avgust 30


Pridi k meni, bova odprla steklenico starega vina in se predala njegovi opojnosti. Vtaplajala se bova v sladkosti trenutka in trpkem priokusu, ki mu sledi. 

Pridi, podaj mi roko, da te popeljem skoz meje onstranstva, slepega vodim med trnjem in obljubljam prepovedane sadeze. Zaupaj mi vsak svoj dih in dala ti bom vsak svoj utrip. 

Pridi in me poljubi. Pa naj me poljub odresi ... ali pogubi.